About Niftrip

Niftrip, a Pan Australian Travel Pty Ltd brand, is accredited by AFTA, ATAS, IATA and CLIA. We’re part of the Magellan Travel group and work with Signature Travel to offer top-notch travel experiences.

We’ve been operating as a travel agency since the late 1950s. We have a base in Mornington, Victoria, and are available for in-person, phone, email, and online meetings.

We specialize in complex airfares, luxury, adventure/expedition cruising

About me, Jake Hower 

With 20 years in the travel industry, I’m an expert in planning great travel experiences. I’m excellent at sorting out complex airfares and routes. I love luxury and expedition cruising and anything golf travel related. 

I’ve owned Pan Australian Travel since 2009, where we focus on top level service and custom travel plans.

Customer satisfaction is my priority. Outside of work, I enjoy golfing, traveling, and staying updated with the travel industry trends.